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Lincoln National Forest


Hiking | Backpacking | Horseback Riding | ATV | Birding Picnicking | Hunting

Guadalupe Christian Camp is located in Lincoln National Forest, your journey in the forest begins at GCC!

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Brantley Lake State Park

Brantley Lake State Park

Swimming | Kayaking | Fishing | Boating| Birding| Hiking | Backpacking

Located one hour from camp

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Sitting Bull Falls Recreation Area

Sitting Bull Falls

Hiking | Backpacking | Swimming | Exploring

Trail Head- 5 minutes from camp

Sitting Bull Falls Recreation Area- 40 minutes from camp

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Carlsbad, New Mexico

Carlsbad New Mexico

A charming community in the heart of the Permian Basin 

Shopping | Dining | Pecos River | Gasoline/Diesel Fuel | Museum | Library | Parks | Living Desert Zoo & Gardens

Located one hour from camp

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You could say we measure “close by” differently than some.  You will notice the distance to the closest towns are considerable.  Please plan accordingly for food, toiletries, and fuel for your vehicle.  

We are able to enjoy God’s creation and consider ourselves stewards of his creation.  Please remember this when using water, throwing trash, and interacting with animals. That being said, this is a a ranch and wilderness area. Due to the nature of the area, we cannot guarantee the safety of your animals. Please do not leave animals unattended. Working ranch animals, livestock, and wildlife including snakes, spiders, as well as the occasional bear, mountain lion, and javelina live here. 


Be safe for yourself as well as your animals and do not leave anything outside an animal may be attracted to. We provide trash bins for convenience, and they are emptied regularly.  Also, there is also a bear box located in front of the Ranch House for camp use.

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