Camp Guidelines

Everyone who comes to Guadalupe Christian Camp is invited to family-friendly fun.  We want to be sure that your time here is safe and enjoyable for all of our guests.  Please review these guidelines with your campers prior to your trip.  



  1. All persons on the camp premises overnight will be required to pay the camper insurance fee.


  1. All fees for insurance, camp use, damages, purchases and janitorial services must be paid prior to departure unless previous arrangements have been made.



  2. The camp premises must be kept clean at all times. Placing litter in places other than trash receptacles is not permitted. There is a large enclosed “bear box” dumpster located behind the dining hall.



  3. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted on the camp property. 


  1. There is no smoking permitted in the buildings.

    6. Undue use or speed of vehicles on the campgrounds will not be permitted. The speed limit is 5 mph.



  2. No open campfires except in designated areas are allowed without permission from the Camp Manager. 


  1. “Quiet hours” are from 10:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.


  1. Pets are welcome in RV/Tent sites. Only service animals are allowed in any of the buildings. This is a ranch and wilderness area.  Due to the nature of the area, we cannot guarantee the safety of your animals. Do not leave animals outside unattended. Livestock and wildlife all live here.  Be safe for yourself as well as your animals and do not leave anything outside an animal may be attracted to.


  1. Pianos, Audio-visual, and all other equipment shall not be used by
    unauthorized persons.



  2. The Dining Hall kitchen is OFF limits to all personnel not so assigned.



  3. No food or drinks are allowed in the dorms or Ranch house bedrooms without the permission of the Camp Manager.



  4. No willful destruction of camp property will be tolerated. Any damages, accidental or otherwise, must be reported at once to the person in charge and then to the Camp Manager.



  5. At no time shall any boy or girl enter the other’s dorm unless accompanied by a dorm mom or dad.



  6. At no time shall any person(s) leave the premises without the permission of the person(s) in charge of the group.



  7. Attire for both boys and girls shall be kept modest and in good CHRIST-LIKE taste.




  1. Unless an emergency exists, Camp Manager’s residence is off

limits with the exception of the person(s)in charge of the group or by invitation. 


  1. The personal property of the Camp Manager is to be given all due respect and shall not be used without their permission.



  2. In the event of any conflict of authority, responsibility, or interpretation of these CAMP RULES and REGULATIONS, the decision of the Camp Manager is final.



  3. Failure to cooperate with the Camp Manager or to comply with the above RULES AND REGULATIONS shall constitute grounds for expulsion. 


  1. “Check In” is after 2:00 P. M. and “Check Out” is by 11:00 A.M. unless approved by Camp Manager.
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